This page is a list of episodes of MechaNick, which originally ran from October 27, 2003 – October 29, 2004 for a total of 80 episodes over two seasons.


Season 1Edit

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Description
1 1 "The Professor's Car" October 27, 2003 A professor's car breaks down on the way to open a science exhibit.
2 2 "Moose Gets Stuck" October 28, 2003 Moose gets stuck in a drain trying to retrieve Nick's keys.
3 3 "Traffic Jam" October 29, 2003 Drivers, stuck in a traffic jam, are cheered up with tea and doughnuts.
4 4 "Stretch Limo" October 30, 2003 Em wants to see the sold out show of magician, Ricardo Razzmatazz.
5 5 "Mud Glorious Mud" October 31, 2003 Nick and his faithful dog, Spanner, find themselves caught in the rain while fixing Farmer Fred's tractor.
6 6 "Flying High" November 3, 2003 The town has an air show and all the roads are blocked off.
7 7 "Board Stupid" November 4, 2003 Nick offers to fix a broken skateboard.
8 8 "School Outing" November 5, 2003 Em is on a field trip when the bus breaks down.
9 9 "Sick Nick" November 6, 2003 Nick is ill and cannot go to work; Austin and the others must fix the cars without their friend.
10 10 "Double Decker Bus" November 7, 2003 When a double-decker bus gets stuck under a bridge, Nick and a herd of cows come to the rescue.
11 11 "Bump" November 10, 2003 Cars, people and parrots keep bumping into things.
12 12 "Runaway Caravan" November 11, 2003 Mr. Podmore's caravan gets caught on the edge of a river.
13 13 "Noise Annoys" November 12, 2003 Grouch complains about the noise from the garage; Nick must fix a car without making a sound.
14 14 "Nick's Birthday" November 13, 2003 Nick's workload keeps him from enjoying his birthday; he receives a special surprise at the end of the day.
15 15 "Nick and Rick" November 14, 2003 Nick teaches Rick Patel how to be a mechanic; Rick gets a big surprise when he tries to fix PC Perkins' bicycle.
16 16 "The Float" November 17, 2003 Nick builds a float for the Tooley Town Parade.
17 17 "Meddling Ways" November 18, 2003 After Em's aunt, Maud, cleans up the clutter in Nick's garage,

Nick is unable to find any of his tools in the now-orderly workspace.

18 18 "Fire Engine" November 19, 2003 Nick gets into trouble while fixing a fire truck.
19 19 "Sleepy Austin" November 20, 2003 Nick leaves sleepy Austin in charge of the garage; the Professor's car goes missing.
20 20 "Radio Controlled Boats" November 21, 2003 Nick and Em go to Tooley Park with Moose to sail his model boat, but trouble strikes when the boat gets stuck.
21 21 "The Big Wheel" November 24, 2003 Nick fixes the Ferris wheel at the Tooley fairground.
22 22 "Practice Makes Perfect" November 25, 2003 When Em joins her school's orchestra, she has trouble getting a sound out of her trumpet.
23 23 "The Missing Car" November 26, 2003 Nick searches for one of the Professor's missing cars.
24 24 "The Tandem" November 27, 2003 After a strange bicycle is discovered in the garage's storeroom, everyone tries to figure out how to ride it.
25 25 "Up, Up And Away" November 28, 2003 Austin goes on a surprise balloon ride on Spanner's birthday.
26 26 "I-spy" December 1, 2003 Austin sets Em the challenge to look for all the cars on his list.
27 27 "Art Attack" December 2, 2003 An attempt to repaint the garage does not go as planned.
28 28 "Roadworks" December 3, 2003 When the Professor's car gets stuck in the road work, he needs Nick's help to get out.
29 29 "Holiday" December 4, 2003 Lucy and Em lose their vacation luggage.
30 30 "The Clown Car" December 5, 2003 Choo-Choo the clown brings a strange little car to the garage for service.
31 31 "The Wheelchair" December 8, 2003 Nick tries to fix Joe's troublesome wheelchair.
32 32 "The Mayor's Cake" December 9, 2003 The gang runs into trouble while delivering a cake to Bolingbroke Hall.
33 33 "Spanner Goes Missing" December 10, 2003 When Spanner seemingly disappears, Nick and his friends go searching for him.
34 34 "The Scarecrow" December 11, 2003 Farmer Fred's scarecrow stops frightening crows, so he calls Nick for help.
35 35 "Milkman Nick" December 12, 2003 When Mildred comes down with an illness, Nick takes over her milk delivery route.
36 36 "The Podmore Puppets" December 15, 2003 Em and her friends are treated to Mr. and Mrs. Podmore's puppet show.
37 37 "Stop Look Listen" December 16, 2003 Em learns the Green Cross Code; she tries to teach it to Austin.
38 38 "The Race" December 17, 2003 Nick enters his custom-built kart into the annual Tooley Town Race.
39 39 "The Town Hall Clock" December 18, 2003 Nick and PC Perkins attempt to fix the Town Hall's broken clock.
40 40 "Sheep" December 19, 2003 When Tooley Town becomes overrun with sheep, it's up to Nick and his friends to bring them all back to the farm.

Season 2Edit

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Description
41 1 "Em's Garage Garden" September 6, 2004 Em plans to create a new garden for the Tooley Garage, but moles show up to ruin her plans.
42 2 "The Burglary" September 7, 2004 Things are vanishing throughout Tooley Town, so Nick and PC Perkins try to solve the mystery.
43 3 "Spanner and Axle" September 8, 2004 A strange new dog visits the Tooley Garage; Spanner might have a new friend.
44 4 "Moose in a Mess" September 9, 2004 Nick's best friend, Moose, gets trapped by the junk in a scrapyard.
45 5 "Ricardo Razzmatazz" September 10, 2004 When the great magician, Ricardo Razzmatazz, visits Tooley Town, Nick uses his own magic touch to fix the magician's car.
46 6 "Cannonball Nick" September 13, 2004 Daredevil Dave's stunt bike breaks down; Nick does a stunt of his own.
47 7 "Snowy Day" September 14, 2004 Nick needs to find a way to clear the snow from Tooley Town's streets.
48 8 "Taxi to the Airport" September 15, 2004 After Mayor Picklewick's taxi breaks down, Nick must get him to the airport on time.
49 9 "The Power Cut" September 16, 2004 The power goes off at the Tooley Garage and Nick cannot fix a car in the dark.
50 10 "Heaven's Above" September 17, 2004 When the weather vane falls off of Tooley Church, only one person can help fix it.
51 11 "The Ice Cream Van" September 20, 2004 Nick needs to fix Ronnie Cornett's ice cream truck before the ice cream melts.
52 12 "The Football Match" September 21, 2004 There are no lines on the field for the town soccer match, so Nick comes to the rescue.
53 13 "Windy Day" September 22, 2004 After a gust of wind damages Tooley's radio station, Nick must fix the downed transmitter.
54 14 "The Unicycle" September 23, 2004 Choo-Choo the Clown visits Tooley; Austin teaches him how to ride a unicycle.
55 15 "The Petrol Tanker" September 24, 2004 Tooley Town runs out of gas when the tanker breaks down; Nick and Mildred find a way to help.
56 16 "The Train" September 27, 2004 Nick must fix the problem after a storm blows a tree down over Tooley Town's train tracks.
57 17 "The Playground" September 28, 2004 After a storm damages all the rides at Tooley Town's playground, Nick has his hands full doing the repair work.
58 18 "Stuck for Lunch" September 29, 2004 Farmer Fred gets into trouble at Tooley Burger; Nick has another job.
59 19 "Stormy Waters" September 30, 2004 During a windy, rainy day in Tooley Town, Nick has to rescue a stuck boat.
60 20 "The Phone Box" October 1, 2004 PC Perkins gets trapped in a phone booth; Nick has a big surprise when he comes to rescue his friend.
61 21 "The Horsebox" October 4, 2004 Nick finds Dinky the pony in the back of a horse trailer he's repairing.
62 22 "The Scooter" October 5, 2004 PC Perkins is sad to have his lovely pushbike replaced with a scooter. Can MechaNick help him to get his bicycle back?
63 23 "The Homing Pigeon" October 6, 2004 A new friend shows up at Tooley Gararge; Peggy the homing pigeon becomes friends with Percy the parrot.
64 24 "The Big Lorry" October 7, 2004 After a massive truck breaks down on the narrow streets of Tooley, Nick has to work fast in order to fix and move it.
65 25 "Farmer Fred's Find" October 8, 2004 Can MechaNick identify the strange object in Farmer Fred's field?
66 26 "The Helicopter" October 11, 2004 A police helicopter gets into a spin; Nick helps PC Perkins with the chopper.
67 27 "The Horseshoe" October 12, 2004 Nick takes a trip to Tooley Forge; he learns how to shoe a horse.
68 28 "The Twins" October 13, 2004 The town gets ready for the Tour de Tooley bicycle race; Emma and Emily need Nick's help with their tandem bikes.
69 29 "Spinning Jenny" October 14, 2004 Nick is called to the Old Tooley Museum to fix a very strange machine.
70 30 "The Skating Rink" October 15, 2004 Tooley's skating rink doesn't have any ice.
71 31 "The Cement Lorry" October 18, 2004 A cement truck drops its contents all over PC Perkins' beloved bike.
72 32 "Gym Jim" October 19, 2004 Nick and his friends go to Tooley Gym to fix all the broken machines; when they're done, they spend the whole day exercising.
73 33 "The Mill" October 20, 2004 Brenda the Baker calls Nick in to repair the Tooley Town Mill.
74 34 "Jumping for Joy" October 21, 2004 Captain Speaking's plane has engine trouble on the way to the airshow and Nick is called in to handle the repairs.
75 35 "The Lock Gates" October 22, 2004 Many boats are trapped on the river when Tooley's lock breaks down; Nick is called in do repairs.
76 36 "Hush a Bye Baby" October 25, 2004 Millie the baby's buggy isn't working and Nick must fix it without waking her.
77 37 "The Supermarket Trolley" October 26, 2004 Nick is called in to repair the conveyor belt in Tooley Town's supermarket.
78 38 "The Veteran Car Rally" October 27, 2004 Nick helps Professor Bollinbroke start up his 100-year-old car.
79 39 "The Car Wash" October 28, 2004 The mayor comes to the garage for a visit; Nick's truck needs to be cleaned.
80 40 "The Pavement Cleaner" October 29, 2004 After Binman Bill's street cleaner goes out of control, Nick comes up with a plan to stop it.